Wednesday, 21 February 2024
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This scheduling grid is subject to last minute changes if required!

Friday Northwest 1 Northwest 3 Olympic 2
Hotel Setup
Salmon Run: Pre-con Filking and Socializing
4:00 PM Soundcheck (Vanessa Cardui, Allegra Sloman)
Offical Con Programming begins at 6:30 PM
6:30 PM Opening Ceremonies/Sing-along recording "Tapioca" ROOM CLOSED
Please attend opening ceremonies.
7:30 PM Concert: Vanessa Cardui Room Available for Filking
8:30 PM Toastband Concert: Allegra Sloman
9:30 PM Circle: 60's Theme with Lizzie Crowe and Alyssa Yaeger Workshop: FAWM (February Album Writing Month) Circle: Songbook Singalong Teaching
10:30 PM Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat) Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat) Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat)
Saturday Northwest 1 Northwest 3 Olympic 2
10:00 AM Soundcheck
Room Available for Filking
11:00 AM Concert: Starlight    
12:00 PM Performance: Two-Fers Workshop: Recorders and Whistles Workshop: Instrumental Improv
1:00 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM Soundcheck: Daniela Festi Available for filking
2:30 PM Interfilk Guest Concert: Daniela Festi
3:30 PM Interfilk Auction
5:00 PM Dinner Break
6:00 PM Soundcheck: Cade Tinney, Cheshire Moon Workshop: Ancient Greco-Roman Hymns  
7:30 PM Concert: Cade Tinney  
8:30 PM brief break
9:00 PM Guest of Honor Concert: Cheshire Moon
10:00 PM Circle: Bardic with Daniela Festi Circle: Filker's Memorial Circle: Instrumental Improv
11:00 PM Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat) Circle: Filth Circle: Tawdry and Tantalizing Tunes (Adults Only, Please) Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat)
12:00 AM Open Filk (until 8 AM Sat)
Sunday Northwest 1 Northwest 3 Olympic 2
9:00 AM Room Closed until Sound Check Ecumenifilk Available for Open Filk
10:00 AM Soundcheck: Creede Lambard, Alyssa Yeager Sit and Knit with Lizzie
11:00 AM   Instrument Petting Zoo
11:30 AM Concert: Creede Lambard  
12:30 PM Guest Lunch in Cascade 9/10 Open Filk
2:30 PM Performance: Songwriting Contest
3:30 PM Performance: Band Scramble
4:30 PM Concert: Alyssa Yeager
5:30 PM Room Closed Setup for Jam
6:00 PM Closing Jam
7:00 PM Dinner Break
8:00 PM Smoked Salmon Circle

This scheduling grid is subject to last minute changes if required!

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