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Interfilk Guest : October Country
October Country OCTOBER COUNTRY is a Celtic-influenced folk group that has performed throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area at pubs, coffee houses, charity benefits and music festivals (including the North Texas Irish Festival) since 2001. They play a mix of Scottish, Irish, and traditional tunes along with original folk and filk songs. Singing about moors and mountains, myths and legends, fantasy and petty bureaucracy, and everyone's search for love and meaning, their songs remind listeners of forgotten times and places. October Country sings songs to be listened to. The band is:

Casey Sledge (vocals and rhythm guitar) - Casey started writing songs as a teenager, sometimes to other folks tunes (therefore filking before he ever knew what it was...) In the ’70s, he began performing publicly as part of a Christian coffeehouse band. His musical influences include Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers, Barry McGuire and Dallas' own Blarney Brothers. He doesn't sound like any of these people. His first exposure to filk was in Dallas in the mid-80's; filk's first exposure to him was singing "I am Unicorn" and having Leslie Fish yelling "COPY!"

Shaddow Walter (guitar) - Shaddow has been active in the local Celtic music scene as a session guitarist. He had been very patient waiting for Casey to decide to form October Country and after about 7 years of backing Casey in filks, song sessions and anywhere else Casey decided to play was rewarded! His other alter ego is the Main Ears behind ShaddowFire Sound working with NTIF and names like Spriggan, Ravens, AmberHawke, Faol B’an, Beyond the Pale, NTTDS contra dances and Brendana's Dream. He is also a rock, jazz and blues enthusiast and has been involved with music since the ripe old age of three years.

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