Wednesday, 21 February 2024
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Toastmaster : CD Woodbury
CD Woodbury While filk fandom can contain gadget geeks, sci-fi nerds, tech heads, fantasy fanatics, etc. CD Woodbury primarily calls himself a music geek. He enjoys computers, games, sci-fi, Terry Pratchett novels, gaming, webcomics and comics strips, a little drawing and writing... but puts most of his interest and passion into music.

CD currently plays guitar and sings for his own electric blues/American music band. He has won or been nominated for several awards by NW blues societies. He has studied and jammed with jazz and rock legends and performed for two US Presidents and has a music degree from Portland State University. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay bills, so he does whatever day work he can find, most frequently in software testing for game companies.

Hearing rumors of "They play folk music and parodies at sci-fi cons," CD asked his friend Jeff Cornish "what's this 'Filk' thing I heard you talk about," and not long after attended the first Conflikt with a few friends.

And he keeps coming back.

So there.

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