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Conflikt Songbook Policies
Conflikt Frog Conflikt's songbook is intended to be a creation of the Conflikt membership and the larger filk community. We welcome your contributions to the songbook; without them, we don't have a songbook!

Conflikt asks that those who submit songs (lyrics or lyrics & music) give permission to Conflikt to publish and distribute the song in the songbook to the attending and supporting members of Conflikt that year.

The songbook is distributed as follows:
  • Conflikt provides a soft (PDF) version of the songbook to all members.
  • Printed copies are created for Supporting Members and those who purchase a printed songbook during pre-reg.
  • A printed copy is provided to the Conflikt Archivist.
In all cases, the individual song owners retain all rights to their songs.

The Conflikt 13 PDF Songbook is available for download! If you need the username and password, please ask at reg or reach out via our contact form!

Submissions to the songbook from those within the larger filk community, but who are not members of Conflikt that year, are also welcome. Contributor’s copies of the PDF will be provided to contributors who provide contact information.

Conflikt retains the right to refuse any song it feels is inappropriate for the Songbook.

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