Wednesday, 21 February 2024
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CD Sing-Along
We have started a tradition every year of having the entire membership of the con record a sing-along song for inclusion on the Conflikt Lunch CD.

This year, the sing-along will be Jeff and Maya's "Knights In White Satin".

We have reproduced the lyrics below.

Knight's In White Satin
by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Lyrics posted by permission.
To the tune of: "Nights in White Satin" by Justin Hayward.

The knight's in white satin
lace teddy and pearls
He was guarding the princess--
became one of the girls.

Silk things she's always hid
from his eyes before
They now know the truth is
they both wear size four
  If the King knew!
Gazing through peepholes
at gowns of all brands
Just what he's going through
they won't understand

The maidens are wearing
outfits they cannot defend
Ensembles he'd like to wear
may be his own end
  If the King knew!
The knight's in white satin
lace teddy and pearls
When the King comes to bid goodnight to
his baby girl.

The poor knight's imagining
his neck in a noose
But the King's wearing nylons
and black spike-heeled shoes!
  If the Queen knew!

© 2006-2013