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Any transcription errors are solely the fault of the webmaster who was typing them in from hand-written copies. If you wish to correct or amend an entry, please contact the webmaster! Items with no title were given a title, again by the webmaster. If you would like a different title, just inform him.

Victory of the Bears
Lyrics: Robert Crichton
(banquet insta: Death and Kippled Fish)

Mankind's reign has ended
Their cities lie in ruins
We overthrew their tyrrany
our brotherhood of bruins

Our noble breed would beg for scraps
they offered salted fish
We skulked and learned and fought and grew
and occupied their niche

We've locked them up in game preserves
To punish all their crimes
And feed them only kippered fish
until the end of time.
Alarums and Excursions
Lyrics: JEM of Pondside
(banquet insta: Alarums & Excursions/Barbarians)
(ttto: Sweet Betsy from Pike)

With Alarums and Excursion
Lee Gold will amuse
Tom Smith will write songs
that tickle the muse
Barbarians will grunt
And Elves will point shoes

While we all sit around
and make noises called filk

How to Make a Nebula
Lyrics: Anne Prather/Rich Glover
(banquet insta: Nebula Award Winner)

Who do you want to love you?
Who do you want to care?
If you like fans and they like you
then go for a Hugo
That's what you should do
Who do you want to love you?
Who do you want to care?

But if you want kudos
From people like you
Then make it obscure
Make it obtuse
Full of archaic language
and mock ancient verse
You can take a sow's ear
and make a silk purse
You should honor the old
and make it like new
If you want kudos
from people like you
Lyrics: Dave Overman
(banquet insta: Heroes and SCA)

Out in the far western kingdom of Far West
live a young hero, Otaku by fame
Weekends would find him all dressed up like Kensai
Wielding a curved and single-edged blade.

Then an eclipse it did darken the sky
Somewhere some people could fly-y-y-y
Our kensai was looking and trying sky looking
and when he did blink he found he froze time.

and then sooo

a tourney he fought in with all the folk watching
against a knight grizzled and terribly bold.
He did beat him in barely a moment grinning
"Yata" was all he extolled.

All through the summer won tourneys plenty
His yata battle cry often did sound
Lord Knight and squire, no one could beat him
Each one was called and they all hit the ground
Lyrics: Jovanie Seghers-Narvaez and Anne Stewart
(banquet insta: Byte By Byte/Telepath)

Accidentally read your mind today
So I know you don't really love me
Your just using me for my XBOX
You'll be sorry for that, you'll see

And I know you stole my favorite socks
And I can't believe you lied
After that weekend I was gone
So now I know how Fluffy died.
The Longest Text
Lyrics: Arlene "Callie" Hills and Joshua Kronengold
(banquet insta: Byte By Byte/Telepath)
(ttto: Step by Step)

Byte by Byte, the longest text
can be sent, can be sent
Thoughts that flow from first to next
can be sent, can be sent
And together, mind to mind
We can ship and planet bind.
Knowledge that we left behind
Can be sent, can be sent

© 2006-2008