Wednesday, 21 February 2024
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Dealers Room
Conflikt's Dealers Room space is filled. For your shopping pleasure, we are proud to have the following dealers joining us:

  • DAG

DAG offers a large variety of filk CDs, tapes and books.
  • Friends of Filk
Friends of Filk is a non-profit volunteer organization which was created by filkers in the Pacific Northwest who could not afford to travel to other regions to hear filk. Rather than having to individually come up with airfare and hotel expenses to hear filkers from other parts of the country, we said, "Why not raise money to bring THEM here?" At the same time, the folks at Firebird expressed their intention to stop taking their dealers table to science fiction conventions and we were faced with the prospect of a filk drought in our area, or having to pay to have our filk shipped to our various homes. With some negotiation, we formed Friends of Filk which would keep the Firebird tapes (yes, this was back in the dark ages when filk came on cassettes and we huddled around the gaslight listening to our tapes) available at local conventions and the funds raised from the table sales would go to bringing music guests to our conventions in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years we have sponsored guests such as Meg Davis, Heather Alexander, Michael Longcor, Peter Beagle, Tempest, Golden Bough, The Duras Sisters, Uffington Horse, Tania Opland & Mike Freeman at conventions in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver, Washington. We now carry CDs from Prometheus Music as well as CDs from local filk performers in addition to merchandise from Firebird.

So feel free to stop by the table, buy some music, or....volunteer some time and have some input into who should be our next music guest!
  • Lord and Lady/The Pewter Dragon

Lord and Lady carries a variety of mystical artifacts from man's best friend to fantastic dragons. We carry pewter candle snuffers, key chains, and mundane animal figurines. We also feature fantastic home sewn novelties from dragon aprons to embroidered tarot bags.

The Pewter Dragon is our sister store featuring hundreds of fantasy pewter figurines from dragons to fairies. The Pewter Dragon also carries figurines from The Lord of the Rings, Dark Heaven Legends, and The Wizard of Oz.

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