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Convention Committee
The following people have agreed to serve on the ConCom for Conflikt I.

Position Person Previous Experience
Chair Rick Weiss
  • ConChord 8-11 (con chair)
  • LACon 3-4 (Filk Track)

Vice-Chair/Programming Beth Runnerwolf
  • Norwescon 29 (filk track lead)
  • Emerald Forest Filk Society (founder)
  • Foolscap I (head of registration)

Publicity Brooke Lunderville

Hospitality/Songbook Cindy Turner (Shaddyr)
  • NonCon 15 (hospitality)
  • WriterCon 2004,2006 (head of hospitality)
  • V-Con 29 Filk Book

Guest Liason/Interfilk Liason Douglas McCorison
  • Pondfilk I-VI (organizer)

Secretary Michelle Dockrey (Vixy)
  • Norwescon 27&28 (filk track lead)

Membership/Volunteer coordination Jeffrey Cornish
  • Norwescon 28 (head of registration)
  • Norwescon (registration & member services staff)
  • Foolscap 1&2 (registration and hospitality)

Sound & Recording John Seghers
  • Sound tech for Gaia Consort

Webmaster/Treasurer JT Traub
  • Norwescon 25 (assistant to head of programming)
  • Emerald Forest Filk Society (founder)
  • NW Filk mailing list (owner)

Hotel Liason Stephanie Weippert
  • Sakuracon 1 (Hotel Liason)
  • Bakacon 1&2 (hotel liason)

Assistant Hotel Liason Rich Glover

Advice to Hotel Liason Gene Armstrong
  • RustyCon 23-24 (Vice Chair)
  • Orycon 27-28 (Vice Chair)
  • ConComCon 14 (Chair)
  • S.W.O.C (Board of Directors)

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