Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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Interfilk Guest : Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin Tim Griffin taught elementary school in Los Angeles for 18 years, using his background in the performing arts to help kids learn the fundamentals of science, math, and history while recording and publishing his own music on the side. In 2011, Tim gave up his tenure to launch Griffin Education Solutions, a small 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing fun but rigorously educational music to kids and teachers through the web, live shows, and writing workshops, all for free. GriffinEd is supported by CD sales, tax-deductible donations, and grant funding. Tim has shared his music at scores of schools, libraries, museums, and other places of learning; teacher gatherings, including the National Science Teachers' Association; and many celebrations of filk and other inspired geekery (Worldcon, Westercon, Conchord, OVFF, GAFilk etc).
You can hear all of Tim's music on the GriffinEd website, where streaming audio and downloads are free! Note that tax-deductible donations help us keep it that way.

Click here to see a study showing how working with Tim's music for five minutes a day dramatically improves students' science vocabulary.

Finally, Tim made it onto the front page of the local news and didn't even have to get arrested to do it: La Cañada Valley Sun