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Toastmaster : Mark Osier
Mark Osier A Bit About Mark Osier — or “Why not to have people at your bachelor party write your bio.”
By Rene Gobeyn and an impressive cast of colorful characters

Mark Osier has been involved in fandom since Marcon 1991, when he got dragged kicking and screaming into a filk room where Michael Longcor was playing Rhinotelexomania. He hasn’t looked back. This is surprising as his talent for parody is such that his fanclub is often seen attending his concerts with pitchforks and torches – looking back might let him know how close they are and how fast to run.

This is not to say that Mark doesn’t have a serious side. His Ph.D. is in Toxicology and he spends his days working with monkeys (his experience in fandom helps here). He was inducted into the Dorsai Irregulars in 2003 and is one of the Duty Officers for Anthrocon (the world’s largest Furry convention).

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