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Interfilk Guest : Lawrence Dean
Lawrence Dean Lawrence Dean first encountered filk at the Brighton worldcon in 1979. He wrote his first sci-fi song, "The Ballad of Arthur Dent," in 1980, and has been active in UK filk since 1986. His songs have appeared on anthology tapes, in convention songbooks, fanzines, and in his own songbook and CD, "Labyrinth of Shadows."

Lawrence helped create the Flying Filk Fund in 1988 to bring North American guests to British filkcons. He was Guest of Honor at the UK filkcon XIlophone in 1999, and was Featured Filk Guest at Confluence 2006 in Pittsburgh -- his first guest appearance outside the UK. Two thirds of the way through his concert at Confluence, a certain lady walked into the con hall and instantly became his biggest fan. A year later Deborah and Lawrence were married in Buffalo, NY. They live in the quaint English town of Faversham -- 'Market Town of Kings' circa 811, the only town in the UK to use the Royal arms of England as its own heraldic emblem.

Lawrence has written over 90 songs, at least half of which are filk or filk related. The rest are a mix of folk, pop and country. Four of his folksongs have been recorded by professional UK folksingers.

Be sure to bring your cell phone along to Lawrence's concert, for "Mobile Phobia," one of his more popular audience participation songs. The current record is 29 phones going off at the same time, and he's hoping to beat this at Conflikt 2009!

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