Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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Toastmonster : Brooke Lunderville
Brooke Lunderville Brooke Lunderville is a banjo-playing Canadian pharmacist. Yes, c4n@d1an ph4rmac1es exist in real life, not just your spam filter! Well-known for her serious, incredibly solemn songs about drycleaning, livejournal, and giant squid, she has so far evaded capture by local authorities. Her debut album - "Brooke vs. John: Steel Cage Match" is available from fine filk dealers, CDBaby, or by standing next to her mother for more than 5 minutes. She won the 2009 Pegasus for Best Filk Song for her travesty of a tragedy, The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster. The whole title fit on the trophy in very tiny letters. She lives in Vancouver with her absent-minded husband, a son who makes dinosaur noises, and a cat who would like to lick your breakfast. She enjoys eating toast, butter-side down, and is SUPER EXCITED to be Conflikt's toastmonster this year!

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