Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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Guest of Honor : Amy McNally
Amy McNally

Amy McNally, also known as Amy McFiddler, is here to bow your socks off. This is why she is not wearing socks. She rehearsed, and now they are gone.

Amy is a professional fiddler, playing solo as well as adding her shine to Wild Mercy, The Tooles, Play It With Moxie, the Mad City Jug Band, and in her spare time, with just about every filk combo that ever graced a stage or a recording booth. She has been recognized in filk with the 2011 Pegasus for Best Performer, and many award nominations in and out of filk.

If you've heard her backing up other filk players, you know she has some serious chops. She blends beautifully, enhancing any song she comes close to, adding a mysterious sparkle that turns bologna in to steak. But if you've never heard her playing solo, you might not realize how much she was HOLDING BACK. Amy on the mainstage will set your ears on fine, douse them with scotch, and make you beg for more. Musically speaking. Not literally. She has more respect for scotch than that. But the woman has SKILLS. She has been playing in filk circles for a dozen years and playing fiddle for 25, and you can hear every last bit of that experience when she gets going.

She's joined at Conflikt by Dave Perry, fellow Toole & mad professor. Dave is a damned fine guitar player with a honey-sweet folk voice and when he and Amy get together, awesome trouble is sure to follow.

Amy's debut solo album, HAZARDOUS FIDDLE, is available from CDBaby and fine filk dealers everywhere. She can be found online at She can be found offline at Conflikt VII! Will she get in to an epic fiddle battle with toastmaster Sunnie Larsen where EVERYONE WINS? REGISTER NOW JUST IN CASE!

— Brooke Abbey