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CD Sing-Along
We have started a tradition every year of having the entire membership of the con record a sing-along song for inclusion on the Conflikt Lunch CD.

This year, the sing-along will be Cecilia Eng's "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

We have reproduced the lyrics below.

Our Mrs. Reynolds
Lyrics © 2/2/2008 by Cecilia A Eng
To the tune of Black Davies Ride by Cynthia McQuillan
All Rights Reserved - Used by permission.

Yolanda’s wedded to yet one more man,
Thinking of silver and gold at her command.
Wondering why all the nights are so cold —
Who will you be with when you are old? Oh,
Chorus: Saffron or Bridget or…WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!
Are you a con-woman running a game,
A trained companion or thorn in our side?
Or are you truly another man’s bride?
Your hair was crimson with highlights of gold.
Your lips were red and your eyes were so bold,
Resolve would waver, intentions would slip.
What kind of woman would hijack our ship? Oh,
  Repeat Chorus  
You’ve stolen riches wherever you land.
You’ve taken everything we had to make your stand
But you could never steal enough to bring you peace,
So will you marry another mark to fleece? Oh,
  Repeat Chorus
When nights were warmer and your soul was young
Who turned your heart to the deeds you have done,
Played you so ill that it twisted your soul,
Destroyed all trust leaving your heart so cold? Oh,
  Repeat Chorus  

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