Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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CD Sing-Along
We have started a tradition every year of having the entire membership of the con record a sing-along song for inclusion on the Conflikt Lunch CD.

This year, the sing-along will be Frank Hayes' "Little Fuzzy Animals", which won a Pegasus Award for "Best Alien Song" in October 2013.

We have reproduced the lyrics below.

Little Fuzzy Animals
by Frank Hayes
Copyright © 1983 by Frank Hayes, Firebird Arts & Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved - Used by permission.

When you land on Bailey's 7, you may not like what you see.
There are monsters under every rock and up in every tree.
There are demon flies up in the skies and manticores beneath.
And there's little fuzzy animals with big sharp teeth!
  There are little fuzzy animals,
Little furry animals,
Little fuzzy animals with big sharp teeth!
Now, not all of the monsters there should fill you full of dread.
For the demon flies speak English and they love to scout ahead.
And the manticores will haul you through the swamp and through the mud.
But the little fuzzy animals will drink your blood!
  There are little fuzzy animals,
Little furry animals,
Little fuzzy animals with big sharp teeth!
When nighttime comes to Bailey's, with the shadows growing deep,
The music of the jungle night will lull you into sleep.
It's so gentle and so peaceful that you'll never feel the pain,
As the little fuzzy telepaths eat your brain!
  Yes, the little fuzzy telepaths,
Little furry telepaths,
Little fuzzy telepaths eat your brain!
So when you go to Bailey's now, you'll know what lies in store.
There are hordes of friendly fiends and gentle monsters there galore.
But for all the cute and furry ones, you know what you must do.
Get those little fuzzy buggers before they get you!
  Get those little fuzzy buggers,
Get those little furry buggers,
Get those little fuzzy animals
They get