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Conflikt CD Policies
Conflikt Frog Conflikt's special CD is intended to be a creation of the Conflikt membership and the larger filk community. We welcome your contributions to the CD; without them, we don't have a CD!

The Conflikt CD is distributed to:
  • Ticketed attendees of the Conflikt Lunch that year.
  • Supporting members of Conflikt that year.
  • Contributors to the CD (songwriters and performers who attend the convention or provide mailing addresses) except for any recorded "sing-a-long" of the membership, where a contributor copy is provided to the songwriter and the Conflikt Archives.
The convention may also donate copies of the CD to fannish auctions or fundraisers as long as the total number of CDs that year to do not exceed the licensed maximum CD number (currently 200). Conflikt retains the right to refuse any recording it feels is inappropriate for the CD.

Those who agree to contribute a recording on the CD grant Conflikt permission to reproduce it as part of the Conflikt Lunch CD and affirm they have the right to do so. Generally this means one of the following:
  • The performer(s) providing the track is also the songwriters(s).
  • The songwriter has been contacted by the performer or Conflikt for permission.
  • In rare circumstances, Conflikt has arranged a mechanical license through the Harry Fox Agency.
      In all cases, copyright to the recording in question remains with the owner, who retains all other rights.

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