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Convention Committee
The following people have agreed to serve on the Conflikt con committee for Conflikt 9 in 2016.

Position Person
Chair Jen Kilmer
Vice-Chair Beth Runnerwolf
Archivist Dawn Jaekel
Dealers Beth Runnerwolf
Filk Hall of Fame lead Rick Weiss
Guest Liason Beth Runnerwolf, assisted by Jeri Lynn Cornish
Hospitality Dave Tinney, assisted by Rich Glover
Hotel Liason Stephanie Weippert, assisted by Rich Glover
Interfilk Liason Juliana McCorison
Programming Shawna Jaques
Publications Jen Kilmer
Publicity Jen Kilmer
Registration Jeffrey Cornish
Songbook Cindy Turner (Shaddyr)
Sound Ryan Nutick
Treasurer Lauren Schulz
Webmaster Jen Kilmer
Videographer TBD - Want to volunteer?

Want to get involved? We are looking for people to help with:
CD production
To complete before con.
Soliciting tracks; responding to inquiries; collating submissions; managing releases and credits; determining track order; creating label; adjusting sound volume for good flow. Interested?
This is a pre-con, at-con, and post-con job.
Our treasurer is stepping down soon! Interested? Let us know!
This is a pre-con job
Compiling the program book based on content from programming, ads from other cons, and the occasional bit of copywriting. Yes, we have last year's in soft copy (Publisher) files.
Registration assistant
This is an at-con job
Registration - checking people in, helping them find where they need to go, and doing it with a smile. You will be outside the main concert hall while volunteering.

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