Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Welcome to

(c)Onflikt 2 will be held the weekend of January 28-30 2022!!

Guest of Honour: Stay tuned!
Toastmaster: Still bread!
Interfilk Guest: Only guessing!

What can you do for (c)Onflikt?

Please stay tuned for more information, including calls for volunteers!!!! Thank you for your cooperation!

(c)Onflikt Hours - ALL TIMES PACIFIC!!

As a North American West Coast con, we are based in Pacific time!

Friday TBD

Saturday TBD
Sunday TBD
Full PDF of grid will be linked here when it exists.

(c)Onflikt Tech!

We will likely be using Zoom as our tech. There may be up to 3 meetings at any one time.

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