Wednesday, 29 July 2015
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Conflikt 9 will be held the weekend of Jan 29 - Jan 31st, 2016.

Guest of Honour: TJ Burnside-Clapp & Mitchell Burnside-Clapp!
Interfilk Guest: Jackie Mitchell!
Toastmuppet: Dara Korra'ti of Crime and the Forces of Evil!

  • CD delayed Due to a combination of illnesses and family emergencies, the Conflikt 8 Lunch CD has still not been created or mailed. The supporting membership packets should include the CD, so they have not been mailed either. Both will be sent when they are complete. Thank you for your patience.

Once again we will be bringing you the usual weekend of moist music and mayhem!
Concert spots, one-shots, workshops and panels, Dealers Room with plenty of filkish things for you to buy, bardic and chaos circles/ovals/rectangles, Smoked Salmon Filk, Interfilk Auction, and more!
Conflikt Frog Membership:
Pre-Membership rates for Conflikt 9 through July 5th (Conchord) are:
  • Pre-registration: $40.00
  • Children 12 and under: free
  • Supporting membership: $25.00
  • Lunch Tickets (including CD): $40.00
  • Child Lunch Ticket(no CD, age 4-12): $25.00
We will have information on rates at the door, including day passes, closer to the con.
What's This Lunch?
Saturday lunch with the guests. Get to know our GoHs a little better! AND get a unique bonus CD, mailed to you after the convention.

The hotel for Conflikt 9 has not been announced.
We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

From the Conflikt Archivist, an index to the Conflikt 2008-Conflikt 2013 songbooks is available to download!! (PDF)

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