Sunday, 21 December 2014
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Conflikt 8 will be held the weekend of Jan 30 - Feb 1st, 2015.

Guest of Honour: Cecilia Eng!
Interfilk Guest: Toyboat!
Toastmaster: Alexander James Adams!

Special Event:
Saturday lunch with the guests. The menu will be similar to last year - a buffet with two soups, a green salad, and several kinds of sandwiches. Get to know our GoHs a little better! AND get a unique bonus CD.

As has become our tradition, we will have a track on the CD of the con membership performing a song.
Plus the usual weekend of music and mayhem
Concert spots, one-shots, workshops and panels, Dealers Room with plenty of filkish things for you to buy, bardic and chaos circles/ovals/rectangles, Smoked Salmon Filk, Interfilk Auction, and more!
Interfilk Auction:
Secret Wenches, doing their very best wenching to part you from your money. Their very best is very good!
Conflikt Frog Hotel:
Hilton - SeaTac International Airport
17620 International Boulevard
Seattle, WA 98188
Local: (206) 244-4800
Hotel website
Group code: Con8 (Important!)

Rates for Conflikt convention members:
1 person:$106.00 plus tax per day
2-4 people:$111.00 plus tax per day

A room in the block includes $5/day self parking. Normal self parking is $21/day.

More information is on the hotel page.
Pre-Membership rates for Conflikt 8 through mid-January are:
  • Pre-registration: $55.00
  • Children 12 and under: free
  • Supporting membership: $25.00
  • Lunch Tickets (including CD): $40.00
  • Child Lunch Ticket(no CD, age 4-12): $25.00

We will have more information on day rates closer to the con.

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